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Sam Lacey passed Jan 2014 (1st time)

 I had lessons a few years ago with an instructor who made me feel uncomfortable and nervous when in the car. Kevin was fantastic and had a way of putting me at ease. I actually started to enjoy driving and passed both my theory and practical test on my first attempt. I could not have done it without the support and patience of a fantastic driving instructor. I have since recommended Sundon Motoring school to several of my family, friends and colleagues.

Benn Abbott passed Feb 2013 (4th time)


 I really enjoyed being taught by Kevin at Sundon school of motoring. I had my lessons weekly. Kevin made me feel very relaxed taking me on test routes so I would know what to expect when actually taking my test, although it took me four attempts to pass I put this down to nerves as when I done my test's I failed on a few silly mistakes. Kevin was fantastic very easy to talk to especially if I had any problems or worries. I would recommend him to everyone Thank you! 

Yasmine Calagan  passed Nov 2012 (1st time)


Started driving with another instructor when Kevin was reccomended to me by friends and swapped to go with him. Absaloutely amazing, made me feel confident and I passed my theory and practical first time. Will continue to reccomend him to anyone wanting a great instructor!

Rachel Gunney passed Oct 2012 (1st Time) 


Kevin was recommended by a friend, I found Kevin easy to get on with and put me at ease straight away, I passed my test after only three months of lessons with him.
I have had previous instructors 10 years ago who seemed more interested in making money then helping me to pass, due to this it really damaged my confidence and my nerves, Kevin was completely different he actually wanted me to pass, and really helped my confidence.
I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor

Cachaa Jones passed Sept 2012 (1st time) 


Just wanted to say a big! thank you for helping me pass my test u have been great and reliable and will recommend u to friends and family. I found you brilliant to drive with, and great help on remembering everything again! 

Once again a massive thank you :D

Suad Ahmed Passed July 2012 (3rd Time)


Before Sundon motoring school I kept on making silly mistakes, which cost me on test days. Sundon helped me find my weaknesses and work on them. My instructor was very friendly and made me feel at ease on every lesson. It has been a pleasure learning how to drive with Sundon motoring school and would recommend it to everyone

Stephen Messham passed July 2012 (4th Time)

I had to find a new instructor as my previous one changed career so I got in touch with Kevin from Sundon Motoring School. Kevin is really easygoing as well as professional and very knowledgeable about driving. I felt that Kevin gave me a more in-depth knowledge of driving than any of my previous instructors as he didn't just take me on test routes but also took me on different roads that I would have to face once I passed. Kevin is really approachable, very friendly on lessons and made me feel really relaxed. Kevin was really persistent in my progression and I never felt like I was doing a lesson for the sake of it like I had with previous instructors, on every lesson I felt like I took something away from it. It took me 4 attempts to pass, but that was due to me getting too nervous on my test. I was more than ready for every test and felt that had nerves not got the better of me I would have passed every one. Be assured that me requiring 4 attempts was nothing to do with Kevin; as all 4 of my tests had 3 or less minors, with just one major when I lost my head and made a mistake that I shouldn't have. If you are looking for an instructor in Luton or nearby, I would highly recommend Kevin at Sundon Motoring School

Damien Edwards passed July 2012 (1st Time)

“I started having lessons with Kevin in May 2012 after a 10 year gap since last attempting lessons (And after already completing my theory test). After assessing what level I was at and going over manoeuvres, I booked my test for June. Kevin gave me example questions as asked by test examiners about the car and maintaining it. He also showed me test routes for the independent driving aspect of the test and was patient with me when I made any mistakes giving me confidence going forward. By the end of June I had passed my test first time! Would definitely recommend learning with Kevin to any friends or family looking to get on the road.”

Alexander Howard passed June 2010 (1st Time)

I came to Sundon Motoring School having been recommended by a friend who recently passed. I found the teaching style relaxed and flexible which helped as I got to grips with the controls of the car. Booking lessons was easy and I found it helpful that I could have lessons on a weekly basis.  The process of learning the various manoeuvres was made easier by a series of well explained instructions.  Once I had become proficient in the driving technique, my instructor was able to take me around the various test routes.  I found this particularly useful as I was able to become accustomed with what to expect.  This meant that when it came to my test I was familiar with the local roads.  Furthermore, my instructor imparted some useful advice that I will be able to use the future.

Louie Grant passed June 2012 (1st Time)

When I first started to learn I knew how to drive a little but not very well. As soon as I started lessons I felt nervous but Kevin made me feel very welcome and was really friendly. He is a really good driving instructor and he has lots of patient also he gives you good feedback and how to correct yourself if you have done something wrong. I'm very grateful for everything and I will strongly recommend Sundon Motoring School!

Rosie Crownshaw passed Feb 2012 (1st Time)

I came to Sundon Motoring School after being recommended by another instructor. I previously had two instructors but I have found that my experience with Sundon Motoring school was the best by far as I used to hate having lessons but when I started my lessons I was relaxed and calm and wasn't scared about making mistakes as my instructor was patient and if I struggled then he would explain it as clearly and as simple as he could for me to understand which was very helpful. I felt very relaxed on my lessons as the instructors are kind and friendly. It was very easy to communicate with my instructor as it was easy to tell him what I was struggling with and then he would help me. I have recommended Sundon Motoring to friends and family and they too found the standard of teaching excellent and are enjoying their time at Sundon Motoring.

James Houston Passed Feb 2012 (2nd Time )

Thank you for your great driving techniques you have taught me during the past 7 months. My experience in driving when I first started was very modest and clueless, I'm now qualified to drive and can do this well without hesitation on anything on the road.
I would definitely recommend you as an instructor to anybody learning to drive.

Carly Peters Luton (passed Sept 2011 1st Time)

I went to Sundon Motoring School after being recommended by someone that passed first time and found the instructor that I had very helpful and patient. I enjoyed my driving lessons and if there was anything I needed help with or was struggling with then he would keep going over it until I was sure I knew what I was doing and this helped me out a lot. I would happily recommended Sundon Motoring School to anyone that is looking to learn to drive.

julian mpanja Luton (passed Sept 2011 3rd attempt 1st with Sundon Motoring)

I studied at sundonmotoring school for a few months and i was able to pass my driving practicle test.My instructor was very patient and kind am ever so grateful for all the support ,training and encouragement i received during that time

Sophie Ross Luton (passed Oct 2011 2nd Time)

Sundon Motoring school were amazing, from my first lesson I felt at ease, all my panic and worry disappeared. My instructor was always patient with me and never got angry, whenever I made a mistake or did something wrong he would make me keep doing it over and over until I got it right. Even if I worried about the smallest things my instructor would instantly make me feel better about it. I would recommend Sundon Motoring to anyone looking for a driving school purely because my learning experience was such a good one.

Toby Willson Ampthill (Passed  Oct 2011 2nd Time)

My first lesson with Sundon Motoring School was very useful and informative. My instructor quickly familiarised me with the car and built up a confidence in my driving. Although I wasn’t a confident driver to begin with, Kevin soon got me up to speed and within a couple of lessons I was driving around the local area with ease. He made learning manoeuvres very simple and equipped me with driving skills to not just pass the test but also to drive on my own once passed. He never wasted time looking at a book, instead making me drive and learn through practical experience. The lessons were always light-hearted and fun as well as being safe and helpful. Booking or changing lessons was very easy because he always replied to text messages very quickly and when I did pass my test he was genuinely very pleased for me. All in all, a very good instructor who I would definitely recommend.

 Natalie Davis Luton (passed Aug 2011 first time)

When I learnt to drive with Sundon Motoring School, from the start my driving instructor was nothing but helpful and patient. From the start I built up a good relationship with my instructor, and when I was nervous he put me at ease by telling me his cheesy jokes, but when I made mistakes he was always there to correct me, to help me out if I was struggling and even pointed me in the right direction. When learning to drive I always felt safe from the moment I sat down in the car to the moment I was arriving home, and the fact it was just me and my instructor helped as I didn’t feel pressure with someone else watching me. When ever I wasn’t too confident about something then my instructor would make me carry out that manoeuvre or that roundabout again and again until I did it correctly or I was confident with it. Not only did Sundon Motoring School help me with the practical element of the driving but also with the theoretical side, as they have their own website designed for practicing your theory test which helped me a lot, and then if I was still not sure then I would talk to my instructor about the question I was struggling on in my next driving lesson or through text and he would gladly explain it to me.
  In the whole learning to drive with Sundon Motoring School was amazing, as the instructors are there to help through out the stages of learning to drive. They are also very friendly, easy to get on with, and very supportive.

Craig Soper Luton (Passed Sept 2011 1st Time)

It has been a pleasure being taught by Sundon Motoring, they have excellent driving instructors who are extremely reliable and friendly. They will do all they can to make sure you pass first time and will always make you feel at ease. Will definitely be recommending to anyone wanting to learn how to drive.

Phoebe Mills - Luton (passed Aug 2011 1st Time)

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Sundon Motoring School. I found that my instructor really cared about whether I did well which showed through his teaching and his attitude whilst doing so. I highly recommend this driving school to any who wish to be taught by knowledgeable, competent instructors and will be recommending them to people throughout my school looking for instructors.